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Minotel F (Hair Treatment Formula)


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Minotel F (Hair Treatment Formula)

  • Minotal 5% Solution is a medicine used to treat common hereditary hair loss.
  • It can prevent further hair loss and help hair to re-grow
  • It is most effective for baldness



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In its formulation, the composition of every ingredient is kept at the most optimum and fulfilling levels to provide you with the perfect dosage of nutrients you need to supplement your requirements

Key Composition

Minoxidil (5% w/v)

Key Benefits

Minotal 5% Solution belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators. It is used to promote hair growth in men with male pattern baldness.

How to Apply

Minotal 5% Solution should only be applied directly to the scalp area in the amount and in the way specified on the label or by your doctor.

Clean and dry your scalp before using it. It may take approximately 2- 4 months before you notice any hair growth.

The first growth may be soft, colourless, and barely visible. Using more than recommended will not speed up hair growth and may increase the likelihood of side effects



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