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Shark-E – Shark Liver Oil Capsule


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Shark-E – Shark Liver Oil Capsule

  • Immunity Booster
  • Helpful In Skin Diseases & Cardiac Health
  • Boost Male Fertility


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Overview Information:

Shark liver oil is taken from the livers of different shark species, Deep ocean shark liver oil is a complex oil containing Alkylglycerols, Squalene and fatty acids of the Omega 3 group. It is used to make medicine or food supplements capsules.


Shark-E supplement is highly in demand as it not only improves brain functions and recovers the skin, but also helps to relax sore muscles and helps with post-workout recovery.

Shark – E capsules also contain generous amounts of squalene, Squalene is the Supporter of Healthy Skin and an antioxidant and Bacteria-fighter.

Key Ingredients

Available Content in 1 Softgel Capsules

  1. Shark Liver Oil : 500mg (Minimum of Alkoxyglycerois)
  2. Vitamin E : 200mg
Key Benefits

It is ideal to take daily to naturally support beautiful skin, eye health, Rejuvenate your skin with shark E bringing a vibrant glowand immune function.

No need to go for any other medicines or treatments, Shark E” A boon for fertility, ancient coastal therapy used by fishermen”.

Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) are a blessing for coronary artery disease, improving cardiac health by Shark E.

Shark-E assists in regenerating an adequate immune response as it optimizes blood cell production, strengthens the walls of healthy cells, and assists in oxygenating the body.

Additional information


Soft Gelatin Capsule


1 Capsule a day


Pocket Healthcare pvt ltd


10 Capsule in one strip


Immune booster